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Rena Kyprioti


Country of residence: Greece































Languages: English, Greek
Countries of interest for collaboration: EU, USA, ASIA.
Films or projects of interest: Feature films, short films, Documentaries, Music videos, TV productions, commercials.
Experience: 10 years Acting, 3 years singing, 10 years dancing (as an actress not professional dancer).
(2013-2014) The Sin of my Mother by George Vizyenos /Lead-Mother
Ioannina Municipal and Regional Theatre /Dimos Avdeliodis
(2013) Ode to Alexadros Panagoulis /Chorus Leader/Dimos Avdeliodis
(2011-2013) The Persians by Aeschylus /Lead-Queen Atossa
premiere at the Greek Ancient Drama Festival/Dimos Avdeliodis
(2011-2013) The Trackers by Sophocles/Lead-Nymph Cyllene/ Dimos Avdeliodis
(2010) Seventh Epistle by Plato/Narrator/Istituto Nazionale Del Dramma Antico/Fernando Balestra
(2010) Nikos Kavvadias/Narrator/Mary Kaldara
(2010) The Birds by Aristophanes/Chorous Leader/Epidaurus Festival-Ancient Theatre/Sotiris Chatzakis
(2008) Medea by Aeschylus/Chorus/Epidaurus Festival& Patras Municipal and Regional Theatre -Ancient Theatre/Anatoly Vasiliev
(2007-2008) Tejas Verdes by Fermin Cabal/Lead-Doctor Polyplanity Productions /Yolanda Markopoulou
(2007) The Free Besieged by Dionysios Solomos/Performer/Stavros Tsakiris
(2006) Lady Macbeth&A Vision Of Ophelia (Western theatre & Kabuki)/Witch/Toshio Kawatake
(2005) Behind the Hero/Chara/Lead/Yolanda Markopoulou
(2005) Ecclesiazusae by Aristophanes/Chorus/Epidaurus Festival&Art Theatre Karolos Koun-Ancient Theatre/Diagoras Chronopoulos
(2002) Darkroom- devised theatre/Lead/Peader Kirk
(2008) TEN MINUTES/Lead /Short/ Dir. Alexander Leondaritis
(2007) ALTER EGO/Supporting-Niki/Feature/ Dir. N.Dimitropoulos
(2004) IM-PERFECTION/Girlfriend /Short/ Dir. Alexander Leondaritis
(2002) LET’S GO FOR AN OUZO/Supporting -Journalist/ Feature/ Dir. Cleoni Flessa
            (2001) SILICON TEARS /Featured /Supporting/Feature/
            Dir. Reppas-Papathanasiou
(2007) INSPECTOR’S BEKA STORIES/Cabin's 17 Lady/ Part 1 & part /ALPHA/ Dir. Ch. Georgiou
(2007) INSPECTOR’S BEKA STORIES/Kidnap/ ALPHA/ Dir. M. Tsapa
(2006) SUPPOSING THAT YOU LOVE ME /Supporting/ ALPHA/ Dir. Karfis
(2006) PERFECT TIMING/Supporting/NET/ Dir. C. Paligiannopoulos
(2005) COUNTING MOMENTS/Co-star/MEGA CHANNEL/ Dir. N. Koutelidakis
(2003) COUNTDOWN/Supporting/ANT1/ Dir. C. Costopoulos
REFUGEES OF SMYRNA/Lead/National TV/Documentary/Dir.S.Sphyroera
GREEK UNIVERSITIES/Lead/National TV/Documentary/Dir.S.Sphyroera
GREEK NATIONAL LIBRARY/ Lead/National TV/Documentary/ Dir.S.Sphyroera
(2012) Black&White Lips/Guest Singer/ Michael Cacoyannis Foundation/Lia Vissi
(2012) Cruel April of ’45 &10 folk songs of Mikis Theodorakis/Singer/Michael Cacoyannis Foundation/Thanassis Polykandriotis
(2011)Tribute to Aki Panou & George Zampetas/Singer/BadmintonTheatre/Thanassis Polykandriotis
(2010) Taranta Power/ Narrator/Eugenio Bennato
(2012) Merenda/Kraft/Lead/Bold Ogilvy/Vassilis Bouradas
(2004) Athens Olympic Games 2004 – Coffee Papagalos Loumidis/Lead/Penelope Krontiropoulou
(2001) The Greek Art Theatre-Karolos koun, Bachelor of Arts, Athens Greece, Acting
(2011) Thames Valley University London College Of Music Examinations, Certified with DISTINCTION in TVU Advanced Graded Examination in MUSIC THEATRE Grades3,6,8., London, 2011 Music Theatre
Special skills:
Dance: Salsa, Jazz, Belly dance, Disco, Club/Freestyle, Waltz.
Athletic Skills: Yoga, Aerobics, Qigong, Snow Skiing, Swimming, Martial Arts, Internal Martial Arts, Jumba
Performing Skills Singing, Dancing, Improvisation, Comedian, Host, Voiceover
Certifications & professional memberships:  member of the Greek Actors Union (SEI)
Details: Age range 30-35, Hair colour Brown, Eye colour Green, Height 1.74m. Voice Type: Contralto. Ethnicity: Caucasian, Eastern European, Mediterranean.
Email:  renakyprioti [at]
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