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Stratos Tzortzoglou
Actor, Director


Country of residence: USA, Greece















































































































Languages: English, Greek
Countries of interest for collaboration: USA, Greece, UK, France 
Films or projects of interest: Films, Theatre, TV, Theatre Productions, Commercials
Experience: Stratos Tzortzoglou is the leading Greek actor of his generation – a star of the stage, television, and cinema. Born in Athens in 1965, he studied at Karolos Koun’s Art Theater school, and worked in theater with directors including Koun, Minos Volanakis, Jules Dassin, Spyros Evangelatos and Roula Pateraki and in cinema with Theodoros Angelopoulos, Pantelis Voulgaris, Michael Cacoyannis and Nikos Panayotopoulos. He worked with Catherine Deneuve in 365 Days of Birth, and in 1994 with Eva Bergman in the film One Love and the Other, co-starring with Lena Endre. In 2004, he worked with Michel Favart in the film Le Dernier Monsieur des Balcans. In 2004, he appeared in Leah Vitali’s play Roast Beef at the Riverside Studio in London. Throughout the Greek-speaking world he is instantly recognisable as the star of television dramas including The Life of Others, In Red Background, Windows Club, Following the Heart, In the Shadow of War, Fallen Angel, The Scars of Love, Tide, Wonderful Life, and Achaia’s Guards. He received the National (Greek) award for Best Actor for the film Up, Down and Sideways by Michael Cacoyannis (co-starring Irene Papas), and Best Actor in Stars de Demain for the film Landscape in the Mist by Theodoros Angelopoulos. In 2007-2008 he played ‘Dionysus’ in the National Theatre of Northern Greece’s production of The Bacchae – a performance captured by Bruno Coppola, which led to their film by the same name. THREE WAY WEEK will be the third time Stratos works with Coppola.


Stratos Tzortzoglou has worked with top directors including:

  • Theo Angelopoulos (Palm d ‘ Or award in Cannes film festival) in Landscape in the Mist (role: Orestes) Silver Lion Award in Venice Film Festival, Felix award for Best European Film of the Year and in Ulysses’s Gaze - To vlemma tou Odyssea (role: Orestes) with Harvey Keitel, Grand Jury Prize and International Critics’Prize in 1995 Cannes Film Festival. Felix of the Critics (Film of the Year).
  • Michael Cacoyannis (5 times Academy Award nominee) in Pano, kato kai plagios - Up, Down and Sideways (role: Stavros, co-starred with Irene Pappas).
  • Eva Bergman in One Love and the Other (co-starred with Lena Endre).
  • Jules Dassin (Academy Award - nominated, Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for Rififi ) in Death of a salesman (theatre, role:Biff Loman).

Acclaimed actresses with whom Stratos Tzortzoglou has worked include:

  • Catherine Deneuve: (Academy Award for Best Actress for Indochine).
  • Irene Papas: (Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, Chronicle of a Death Foretold, Z , Electra).
  • Lena Endre (The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo).
  • Sarah Douglas (Conan the Destroyer - Falcon Crest - Superman ) in a modern adaptation of Oresteia trilogy - Roast Beef in Riverside Studios, London.

StratosTzortzoglou’s theatrical experience includes classical ancient tragedies such as:

  • Euripides The Bacchae (role: God Dionysus) in the 12th European festival with National Theatre of Northern Greece,
  • Euripides Phoenician Women (role: Polynices) at Epidaurus Ancient Theater with Anna Sinodinou,
  • Orpheus’ Hymns (role: Orpheus) in Fedriades theatre in Delfi festival,
  • Liturgy of Orpheus (role: Orpheus) at Odeon of Herodes Atticus,
  • Roast Beef  (a modern adaptation of Oresteia trilogy) written by Leah Vitali  (role: Agamemnon), co-starred with Sarah Douglas in Riverside Studios, London.
  • Drain Ekkenosis by D. Dimitriades directed by Yannis Kokkos (collaborated for 30 years with Antoine Vitez and Jacques Lassalle) in Stegi Grammaton kai Texnon.



DRAIN EKKENOSIS (2013)  writer D. Dimitriades – role: Aegisthus, directed by Yannis Kokkos at Stegi Grammaton kai Texnon

TREE  (2013) writer: M. Laina – role: B, directed by Ch. Capsouli at National Theatre of Greece

GABRIELLA (2013) writer: P. Gionaki, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

YOU ARE PURPOSE AND  SHEEPDOGS DANCING AROUND YOU (2012) writer: G. Ioannou – role: Big Arktos, directed by Bijoux De Kant at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Director Michael Cacoyannis)

TRAINSPOTTING (2011) writer: I.Wells  – role: Begby & Swany, directed by Ph. Soutou

HUNGRY ANYONE ? (2011) writer:  A. Pappa  – role: Narrator, directed by A. Pappa at Michael Cacoyannis Foundation (Director Michael Cacoyannis)

TALES OF MYSTERY  (2011)  writer: E. A. Poe  – role: Narrator, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

BRIEF ENCOUNTER  (2011) writer: N. Coward   – role: Dr. George, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

OSCAR AND THE LADY IN PINK (2011) writer:  E. Schmitt   – role: Oscar, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

INSIDE THE MIND OF A MAN  (2011) – role: Narrator, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

TALENTS READY FOR ALL (2010) – role: Petros, directed by S. Tzortzoglou

WISHES (2010), writer: A. Spartalis – role: Man, directed by A. Spartalis

MRS WARREN ‘S PROFESSION (2009) writer: G.B. Shaw  – role: Frank, directed by Andreas Voutsinas

BRIEF ENCOUNTER  (2009) writer: N. Coward -role: Dr George, directed by M. Denisi

BACCHAE  (2008) writer: Euripides - role: Dionysus, directed by T. Ratzos at National Theatre of Northern Greece

GAME OF CHESS (2007) writer: A. Doriadis  – role: Architect, directed by E. Dimitropoulou at National Theatre of Northern Greece

BACCHAE  (2007) writer: Euripides - role: Dionysus, directed by T. Ratzos at National Theatre of Northern Greece

SALOME  (2007)  writer: O. Wilde – role: Oscar Wilde, directed by G. Apostolopoulos

THE GOVERNMENT INSPECTOR (2006) writer: N. Gogol – role: Inspector, directed by V. Vassiliou at National Theatre of Northern Greece

MISS PEPSI (2006) writer: P. Bruno – role: John, directed by B. Malfa

ORPHEUS DESCENDING (2005) writer: T. Williams – role: Val, directed by K. Damatis

CHRIST RECRUCIFIED (2005)  writer: N. Kazantzakis   – role: Manolios, directed by K. Damatis

MILK TRAIN DOESN’T STOP HERE ANYMORE (2004) writer: T. Williams – role: Chris, directed by V. Zoulias

ROAST BEEF (2004) writer: L. Vitali – role: Agamemnon, directed by A. Kritikos at Riverside Studios, London – co starring Sarah Douglas

ACCOMPLICES (2003) writer: R. Holmes – role: James, directed by V. Kiriakidis

PREMIERE NIGHTS (2002) writer: A. Pyrioxos – role: The Singer, directed by N. Soulis

THE OWL AND THE PUSSYCAT (2001) writer: B. Manhoff – role: Owl, directed by G. Valtinos

THE IDIOT (2000) writer: F. Dostoyevsky – role: Mishkin, directed by Roula Pateraki

PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (2000) writer: O. Wilde – role: Dorian Gray, directed by V. Anastasiou

PICTURE OF DORIAN GRAY (1999) writer: O. Wilde – role: Dorian Gray, directed by V. Anastasiou

LITURGY OF ORPHEUS  (1998) writer: Yannis Markopoulos – role: Orpheus, directed by E. Malandris

POPCORN (1997) writer: B. Elton – role: Gangster, directed by E. Logothetis

PHOENICIAN WOMEN (1997) writer: Euripides  - role: Polynices, directed by Karahisaridis at Epidaurus Ancient Theater

ORPHEUS’ HYMNS (1997) writer: Orpheus - role: Orpheus, directed by E. Malandris at Odeon of Herodes Atticus

THE DANGEROUS LIAISONS (1996) writer: Ch. de Laclos – role: Valmon, directed by K. Kazakos

LILIOM – CAROUSEL (1996) writer: F. Molnar – role: Liliom, directed by A. Manolikakis

MOUSETRAP (1995) writer: A. Christie – role:  Trotter, directed by M. Manoussakis

BUS STOP  (1995) writer: W. Inge – role: Bo Decker, directed by G. Iordanides

MOURNING BECOMES ELECTRA (1994) E. O’Neil – role: Orin, directed by Spiros Evangelatos at Amfitheatre

MOUSETRAP  (1994) writer: A. Christie – role: Trotter, directed by M. Manoussakis

DEATH OF A SALESMAN  (1993) writer: A. Miller – role: Biff, directed by Jules Dassin

OUR TOWN (1991-1993) writer: Th. Wilder  – role: George, directed by Minos Volanakis

LOVE IN E-FLAT (1990) writer: N. Krasna – role: George, directed by G. Arzoglou

STREETCAR NAMED DESIRE (1988) writer: T. Williams  – role: Kowalski, directed by N. Diougoud

THE SOUND OF A GUN (1987) writer: L. Anagnostaki – role: Mihalis, directed by Karolos Koun at The Greek Art Theater – Karolos Koun





3 WAY WEEK (2014) by Bruno Coppola


JUST CAUSE (2014) by Paul Krisikos

FROM EARTH TO THE MOON (2013) by A. Spartalis

ORPHEUS DESCENDING (2012) short film by K. Moussoulis

CYCLOPS˛ (2011) short film by Victoria Trzeciak

37 MEMORIES (2010) by A. Spartalis

POSITIVE STORIES (2010) by Th. Totsikas

SAiD (2010) short film by Th. Totsikas

THE BACCHAE (2010) by Bruno Coppola

THE AWESOME STORM MAN (2010) short film by A. Spartalis

WISHES (2009)  by A. Spartalis


DOUBLE DATE (2004) short film by K. Moussoulis

REALITY CHECK (2003) by Jo Daril

ARIADNI (2002) by G. Kordelas

THE BACHELOR (1997) by N. Panayotopoulos

PROS TIN ELEFTERIA (1996) by H. Papadopoulos

ULYSSES’ GAZE (1995) by Theo Angelopoulos with Harvey Keitel

ONE LOVE AND THE OTHER – FIGTREE (1994) by Eva Bergman with Lena Endre

PANO, KATO KAI PLAGIOS (1993) by Michael  Cacoyannis with Irene Papas

MASTER OR THE SHADOWS (1991) by L. Xanthopoulos

TA SIMADIA TIS NYHTAS (1990) by P. Kokkinopoulos


LANDSCAPE IN THE MIST (1988) by Theo Angelopoulos



TV series


VALS ME 12 THEOUS (2012 – 2014) TV series by V. Karfis

MONTEVIDEO, BOG TE VIDEO!: Molitva za srecan kraj (2013) TV Episode [role: Archie] by Dragan Bjelogrlic

MONTEVIDEO, BOG TE VIDEO!: Sa one strane ekvatora (2013) TV Episode [role: Archie] by Dragan Bjelogrlic

MONTEVIDEO, BOG TE VIDEO!!: Kako prepoznati ljubav” (2013) TV Episode [role: Archie] by Dragan Bjelogrlic

I ZOI TIS ALLIS (2009 – 2012) TV series by D. Arvanitis

SE FONTO KOKKINO (2008 – 2010) TV series by N. Kokkinos


LE DERNIER SEIGNEUR DES BALKANS (2005) TV mini-series [role: Takis] … aka “The Last Bay of the Balkans” by Michel Favart

HIRES CLUB (Widows club) (2004) TV series by M. Zabeli

ARIADNI (2002) TV movie by G. Kordelas

STO DROMO TIS KARDIAS (2001) TV series by A. Thomopoulos

MYSTIKES DIADROMES (2001) TV series by Kokkinos

IDIAITERA GIA KLAMATA (2000) TV series by G. Konstantinou

STI SKIA TOU POLEMOU (1999) TV series by Ch. Paligiannopoulos

TO SIMADI TOU EROTA (1998) TV series by D. Sofianopoulos

EKPTOTOS ANGELOS (1997) TV series by Reina Eskenazy

PALIRROIA (1996) TV series by M. Manoussakis

MIA IPEROHI ZOI (A wonderful life) (1993) TV series

OI FROUROI TIS AHAIAS (1992) TV series by G. Diamantopoulos

O DRAPETIS (Master of the Shadows) (1991) mini TV serial by L. Xanthopoulos

CATHERINE DENEUVE AND STRATOS TZORTZOGLOU – 365 meres gennisi (1990) TV movie by N. Soulis

I FANELA ME TO 9 (the striker with # 9) (1989) mini TV serial by P. Voulgaris


Art Theater Karolos Koun
Ivana Chubbuck studio, Masterclass, CA, 2012
Aaron Speiser Acting Studio, Masterclass, CA, 2011
Special Skills:
·  Performance Skills: Diving, Comedian, Improvisation, Singing, Motorcyclist, Host, Voiceover
·  Athletic Skills: Snow Skiing, Soccer, Snowboarding, Water Skiing, Bowling, Weight Lifting, Skateboarding, Swimming, Cycling, Tennis


References: Yes
  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 5 feet 11 in
  • Weight: 171 lbs
  • Age Range: 33 - 55
  • Physique: Athletic
  • Hair Color: Brown
  • Hair Length: Chin Length
  • Eyes: Brown
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian, Mediterranean
  • Voice Type: Bass
Show reel online:
  • Greek National Awards, Best Actor, 1994
    Up ,Down and Sideways (1993) Director: Michael Cacoyannis (Zorba the Greek, Electra)
  • Stars De Demain, Best Supporting Actor, 1989
    Landscape in the Mist (1989) Director: Theo Angelopoulos (Travelling Players, Ulysses'Gaze, Weeping Meadow, Eternity and a Day)




A native of Greece, award-winning theater and film actor Stratos Tzortzoglou has received accolades from numerous industry legends including such directors as:


JIM GIANOPULOS (The chairman of 20th Century Fox) :“ Stratos is destined for great things, he has a unique way of capturing the audiences with his charm, his authenticity and has truly mastered his art form. He is bound to succeed in the American entertainment industry”.


INGMAR BERGMAN ( Fanny and Alexander, nine-time Academy Award nominee), compared “Stratos to a stradivarius violin “adding that “the great actors are great instruments”.


ELIA KAZAN (3 times Oscar winner: On the Waterfront, Viva Zapata, A Streetcar named desire), compared Stratos to WARREN BEATTY‘“.


THEODOROS ANGELOPOULOS (Palm D ‘Or in Cannes Film Festival) “Stratos can absorb everything, turning them to an advantage. He is the ideal actor for this difficult game between beauty and recognition”.


MICHAEL CACOYANNIS (5 time Academy Award nominee) “Stratos is that rare phenomenon, a “natural”who combines striking good look with that special brand of talent which blends a fiery temperament with easy personal charm”.


JULES DASSIN (Academy Award -nominated , Best Director award at the Cannes Film Festival for Rififi ).“Stratos’ Biff Loman from Death of a salesman was the most passionate Biff I ‘ve ever seen”.


MARTIN SCORSESE: T. Angelopoulos masterpiece “Landscape in the mist” is a powerful film with startling imagery.


OLYMPIA DUKAKIS Oscar winning actress (Moonstruck) “Stratos has a lot to offer to the American film industry in his unique sense of acting, combing talent, intuition, passion and determination”.





New York Times, St. Holden: “Orestes whom Stratos Tzortzoglou imbues with a winning sweetness” works for an itinerant theater company that has been traveling around Greece. “Landscape in the Mist” has already won many honors, and was the Greek entry for best foreign film in the Academy Awards last year. A 126-minute work of exceptional beauty.


Variety, Emanuel Levy: “Up Down and Sideways“, (pano, kato kai plagios – film) “The handsome Tzortzoglou lends reliable support as the sensitive son…credibly vivid and sympathetic” At comedy’s center is Papas, a middle-aged, prosperous widow who shares an elegant house with her handsome gay son, Stratos Tzortzoglou.’ “The handsome Stratos Tzortzoglou lends reliable support as the sensitive son…credibly vivid and sympathetic”.


London Times: “with impeccable timing Stratos Tzortzoglou Greece’s version of Brad Pitt, the actor Stratos Tzortzoglou makes his London deput as Agamemnon in “Roast Beef” at the Riverside Studios”.


Stage British Theatre Guide, John Thaxter: 80-minute show has its compensations,”demanding courage, strength and extraordinary agility for the fight scenes, handsome Greek  film actor Stratos Tzortzoglou as Agamemnon”.


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